At the  age of eight, Brad Wursten from Hyde Park, Utah had already started to realize his life long dream of flying airplanes.  His initial venture was on a much smaller scale.  He began by building small remote control airplanes on their family dinner table.  He became very experienced and skilled at not only building them, but flying them.  He still enjoys building and flying them today. 

               As his talents increased, so did his desire to fly real airplanes.  After graduating from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah, he started his new goal of earning his pilot’s license.  Living close to Utah State University enabled him to have access to the aeronautics program and further his training.  By 19 years of age he had earned his  pilot’s license.  With each progressive hurdle that was met, Brad received his commercial license  at 25.   

By the time he was 26 years old, his new dream was to become an aerobatic airplane pilot.  This also required much advanced training.  He was trained by the world renowned pilot, Wayne Handley.  Mr. Handley was so impressed with Brad’s talent, he attributed his success to his early training in flying remote control airplanes and understanding  the physics and functions of the aerobatic planes.  He currently has over 1500 hours of flying in various aircraft.

               Even though Brad is only 39 years old, we will see him flying in one of the most highly sophisticated airplanes in the world, the MXS-R, made by MX Aircraft.  It features a complete carbon fiber airframe that weighs an impressive 1100 lbs.  The Lycoming engine has 385 HP and can reach a top speed of over 300 MPH, a roll rate at 420 degrees per second, and “G” loading at +/- 15 “G’s”. 

               Brad is very excited to currently be working with the Ryan J. Poe Foundation.  The youth program, called “Elevate Your Life”, is the action arm of the Foundation. It was founded by Air Show performer Greg Poe as a result of the tragic drug related death of his son Ryan J. Poe in August 2002.

The Foundations Mission Statement is: UTILIZE AVIATION TO INSPIRE, MOTIVATE AND PROVIDE A PATH FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO REALIZE THEIR DREAMS!  The encouragement that these young people receive to follow their dreams has truly been a lifelong dream of Brad Wursten.